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Lnkiy is a free link shortener tool, it helps you to short your long links of any size into smaller links. These short links are easily shareable and memorable for the users. Using Lnkiy free link shortener you can track your short link and analyze the user behaviour on your link. Which helps you to increase your business growth and provides you with the right way to proceed depending on the user activities.

Who we are?

We are a software development company Arraycode founded in 2017 with a team of software developers, engineers, marketing specialist and designer. We created a free URL shortener website as Lnkiy. Lnkiy has been developed since 2019 and is growing rapidly in features, users, links created, no. of clicks and site visitors.

URL Shortener with advanced links tracking
Some of Lnkiy Real Facts

Some of Lnkiy Real Facts

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