Our Services

Lnkiy provides many features that help in your digital marketing strategy and grow you business.

Add branded domain

Lnkiy provides a feature to configure your own branded domain on website and create short link using that domain. This will help you to grow your brand value.

Get free sub-domain

Lnkiy provides a free sub-domain for your brand that can use in creating short link and sharing short link on social media platform. No need any technical skill for this.

Generate QR code

You can generate QR code for any lnkiy short link. By adding -qrcode after lnkiy short link to generate their QR code. This can be used on posters, flyers, mails, cards etc..

Deep link sub-domain

We provides a feature to create custom sub domain for mobile deep linking. Where you can add you brand name in the url, that helps user to know about your brand.

Create Bio Link

A Bio Link to connect to all your important content. Lnkiy provides a highly customizable Bio Link to connect your audience to all of your content with just one link.

Social media traffic

We provide social media traffic analytics for your shared short link that will help to plan social media marketing strategy and you can get more relevant user for you business.

Create branded URL

You can customise your short URL to target more user to your business requirement by adding your keywords. For example: http://lnkiy.in/SignUp.

Create short URL

We help you to shorten your long URL of any size into the short URL, which can be easily shared across all the platforms. Also, these links are accessible across the globe.

Provide restful API

Lnkiy provides rest API that can be embadded in Android or iOS app to create short link of any type such as random short link, custom short link or mobile deep link as well.

Mobile deep link

We provide mobile deep linking feature by use of API, that helps user to redirect to the right page inside their app(Android, iOS), you will also get a free sub-domain for deep link.

Traffic analytics

You can track your shared short link, We provide you number of users, their geolocation, browser, top 10 viewed links, and more. It helps to grow your business.

Short link preview

Scared of clicking on a short URL thinking of it as spam or phishing? Now you can preview lnkiy short links before clicking them by adding + at the end of the URL.

Password protection

It helps you to create a short URL with password protection to avoid random user access. Only the people who know the password can access this web page or link.

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