Our Services

We focus on the below features to smoothen user experience and requirement.

Deep Link

We provide deep link feature that helps user to redirect to the right page inside their application

Short URL

We shorten the long URLs into the short one's which can be used any where you want.

QR Code

Lnkiy provides feature you to generate QRcode for any lnkiy short URLs. Add -qrcode after any lnkiy short link to generate QRcode.

Custom URL

You can customise your short URL according to your business requirement.


Lnkiy provides you to your custom subdomain for deep linking.

Restful API

Lnkiy provides API for developers provides autonomous shortened link delivery for integration, scale, and multiple levels of customization.


You can track the number of users, browser used and count of active users as well.

Short Link preview

Scared of clicking on a short URL without knowing where it goes? Add + at the end of the short URL

Password Protected

This allows us to create a short URL with password protected. Only the people who know the password of this can access the page.

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