Lnkiy Privacy Policy

Effective Date: June 4th, 2019
Information We Collect

Lnkiy may collect personal information about you as described here in the privacy policy are: Register for the site and services, through your user account creation with Lnkiy.

Use the Services

We collect the following type of information form you such as your name and email address. We use your email address to send you information about our services and communicate with you about your activities and policy changes. Lnkiy reserves the right to contact you when we believe it is necessary.

When You Create a Lnkiy Short Link

One of the major feature of the Lnkiy is to create a shortened url. User can create a Lnkiy links without even registering for an account. When you create a Lnkiy link, Linky collects and store the original and shortened url and also the date and time when you shortened the original url. And when you are logged in to your account, we will associate these information with your account.

When You Interact With a Lnkiy Link

Lnkiy automatically collects the information about the interaction with each and every short link. This information includes:

As described in this policy, we use Lnkiy Link Analytics to provide the Services, to understand and analyze how our Services are used and to detect, prevent malicious, fraudulent or unlawful activity.

How We Use Information

We use the personal information we collect for a various purposes such as:

Information We Share

These services are created to help you share information with others. We provide this service to our customers that uses Lnkiy link analytics.

Lnkiy Links You Create

When you create a Lnkiy Link, the original long URLs you have shortened and the corresponding lnkiy short Links are publicly available to the users.

Information We Share With Customers

We may share the personal information we collect as said in this privacy policy with our customers. When you create a Lnkiy short link, then the customer is able to view the original long link, the date and time the Lnkiy short link was created, aggregated information about clicks and views of Lnkiy links, including the number of times the Lnkiy short link was clicked, whether or not it was viewed. Regions where the link is being viewed, identification of the social networks.In addition, we may share Lnkiy Link analytics with customers to help them detect, deter and prevent malicious, fraudulent or unlawful activity.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy using the Services or need any further information, please contact our team.

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