Features of Lnkiy URL Shortener

Shorten URL's

Link Shortener

Free custom URL Shortener with many features that gives you better quality for links shortening. Shortened URLs will never expire. We do not display ads during direct redirecting to the original url.

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Manage URL's

Link Management

Optimize and customize each short URL to take advantage of its potential. Set your custom alias (name), use it in affiliate programs, get QR code for printing flyers and much more.

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Track URL's

Detailed analytics

Track each short link in real-time and measure its performance. We provides you info about clicks, social media clicks, page referrer, devices, browsers, systems, geo location.

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Advantages of lnkiy with respect to business

Lnkiy is a link management platform and URL shortener with branded URLs that gives you many useful features.

  • Free and fast URL shortening
  • Branded URLs
  • QR code generator for each short link
  • Preview mode
  • Add + for checking shortened links
  • Sortable list of shortened URLs
Advantages of short URL

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