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What are UTM parameters / UTM tags / UTM codes?

UTM codes, also known as UTM parameters, allow webmasters to identify the source of web traffic, which ultimately leads to monitor the success of different marketing strategies such as email campaigns, social media campaigns, or any other online marketing campaigns.

The term UTM stands for "Urchin Tracking Module", and it was introduced by Urchin Software Corporation, which was taken into possession by Google in 2005. The UTM code is a short text that can be attached to webpage URLs. It sends additional information about each link to Google Analytics, and it usually contains information about the origin of the traffic to the website

UTM parameters are a set of five parameters: utm_campaign, utm_medium, utm_source, utm_content, and utm_term.

Let's go through each of them in brief.

UTM Parameter Description
UTM Source (Required) utm_source To identify the source of the campaign which includes a newsletter name or email.
UTM Medium (Required) utm_medium To track the campaign medium that is the email, organic, social, or CPC (cost per click).
UTM Campaign (Optional) utm_campaign To identify the name of the campaign. e.g. promo, sale, etc.
UTM Content (Optional) utm_content To identify the content of the campaign in order to distinguish between multiple ads in a campaign. e.g. buy-now etc.
UTM Term (Optional) utm_term To identify the term or keyword used to search. It's better to not use it for anything else. e.g. shoes etc.

How to track marketing effectiveness with UTM codes?

After building up the marketing campaign, you can begin adding UTM. Once you start adding UTM codes to your marketing campaign links and share them to your customers, you can also track emails in detail at the level of individual links.

If you are using Google Analytics then it will provide reports containing UTM data. To view the reports, please follow below steps:

  • Navigate to Acquisition in the Google Analytics panel.
  • Then click to All Traffics option
  • Select Channels under the All Traffics.
  • Select Campaigns and go to the All Campaigns.

This steps helps you to measure what content, campaigns, and email sources are creating more traffic in the website.

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